Sunday, July 23, 2006

Life begins.........

I was born on 18 February 1969 in Gravesend, Kent. My father was in the Royal Welsh Regiment and they were stationed in Kent.

I returned to Cardiff when I was a few months old and moved to Gough Road in Ely where I spent most of my youth, what you are going to read is my life story or what I can remember of it.

My first memory of living in Ely was the house, it was a three bed roomed house and I had the box room, I lived with my Mum, big sister Kim and my little Sister Lynda, my dad left us when I was very young and don't remember much about the split although there are bits I remember which I will cover as I go. Back to the house, I remember that the lounge had grey speckled carpet that only fitted 3/4 of the way around the room, the rest were floor boards painted black, and I used to play toy cars around the wooden bits as they went faster.

The kitchen was well when I was little, large we had a kitchen table four chairs, coal room and pantry, and the pantry was used as our toy cupboard there was a large marble shelf about a 1ft thick, I had the top and my sisters had the bottom, it was always a mess. I remember that on time me and my sister had to clear the room and tidy it up, it was great I scaled to the top of this pile of toys and just threw them out; I loved stripping things out but hated putting it all back again.

My bedroom was as I said the box room which in my younger days (Under 5 years old) had green Lino on the floor and greenish wall paper, wonder if that's how my favourite colour is green. I later had football players on the wall.

Our garden was very big with a huge privet bush at the bottom I spent many a time climbing this privet bush it was about 20ft tall, there was a rockery just at the foot of this privet tree which was never very nice it had been put there when I was really little and over the years they just let the grass grow between the rock.

My two sisters shared the back bedroom and my mum the front, the bathroom was big enough to have only the bath a toilet and sink and no room to swing a cat.


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